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Create and print your own customized Bin Labels in three easy steps:

1. Log in to your Midland Account and click on the Bin Label button
2. Upload your Excel file with the part numbers you want to print labels for.
3. Select the type of label you want to create, put in your email address and hit Generate.

Labels can be customized with your logo or name. Multiple sizes available.

Detailed instructions on creating your own Excel file, customizing your Bin Labels and purchasing appropriate labels can all be found on the Bin label page.

Give your customers an easy way to place orders and restock with custom bin labels – just one more way Midland is helping you make Your Brand Our Brand.

Midland Industries and Geib Industries custom engineer a solution fast.

Chris Geib, president of Geib Industries, and Brett Powell, national sales manager for Midland Industries, took a casual conversation from problem to solution in one day at a recent NAHAD (The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution) trade show. And, it all started with a single cocktail napkin.

Both Geib Industries and Midland Industries are members of IDCO (Industrial Dealer Cooperative), the premier co-op for independent distributors. IDCO serves the industrial community with hose, fittings, gaskets, rubber materials and related products.

One of Geib’s customers was having issues with combining a brass bulkhead and a reducing adapter. Although a custom solution was quickly identified, the customer needed the part just as fast and couldn’t wait for long design and engineering time custom solutions sometimes take.

Powell mentioned that Midland had the capacity for short run specials for OEMs. Using Geib’s sketch on a cocktail napkin, Powell confirmed with his engineering department that the project was not only possible, but also doable in the customer’s very tight time frame.

“Having manufacturing capabilities in Kansas City has given us the opportunity to offer even more solutions for our distributors,” Powell said.

“The ability to offer custom engineered components quickly is what often sets us apart from others.”

Midland Industries’ engineering team produced the part and delivered it to Geib the very next day. Geib then presented the solution to the customer who expressed tremendous satisfaction with the part and the speed of development.

“Custom manufacturing with short turnaround is just another aspect of what we call the ‘Midland Industries experience,’” adds Powell.  “Anything we can do that adds value to entire supply chain is what we strive for in our work.”

Cocktail napkins aren’t always a part of a customer’s solution, but problem solving is. Whether it starts with a phone call, a casual meeting at a tradeshow, or a napkin – Midland Industries relishes these stories of collaboration with our industry partners.

Midland Industries announces that Lisa Heft has joined the company as its Industrial Market Western Regional Manager. She will be working with the company’s representatives and customers to expand and growth in the Western region. Heft comes to Midland Industries from Northwest Hydra Line where she worked for more than two decades. She will be based out of Seattle, Washington.

At Northwest Hydra Line, Heft was the General Manager and built a strong foundation in supplying distributors with fittings, adapters and couplers. She understands the many ways that support, special sourcing and convenience affects the success of distribution customers.

“I have been the beneficiary of working with amazing people and making lifelong friendships across the world over the last 25 years. What I love the most about this industry is the fact you never stop learning. Every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity for growth,” says Heft.

“Lisa is a phenomenal communicator and has an innate skill for meeting our customers’ demands and showing how our company adds value beyond our product lines. She is well connected in the Northwest region and has deep knowledge of so many aspects of the industry, which is exactly what we are looking for to support our customers,” explains Scott Bardreau, Chief Sales Officer for Midland Industries.

Midland Industries is an industrial distribution platform comprised of Anderson Metals, Midland Metal Mfg., Buchanan Rubber, and Mid-America Fittings. The company is a leading North American distributor and manufacturer of valves, fittings, hoses, couplings, and related products. “We brought together the leading businesses in the industrial distribution space and leverage best practices across the platform,” explains Vince Hodes, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Industries. “Having leading companies on one platform means we can and do attract top talent, plus we give them the latitude to use their expertise and skills as they see fit. That’s how we’ll expand our dynamic, growth-oriented company and serve our like-minded customers.”

About Midland Industries

Midland Industries is a leading distributor and manufacturer of more than 25,000 SKUs comprising of fittings, couplings, valves, hoses, and related products. The company serves general industrial, hose, fluid power, plumbing, oil and gas, agriculture, water, truck and trailer, power transmission, original equipment manufacturers and other end markets. For more information, please visit: http://www.midlandindustries.com.

The story of Midland Industries new industrial distribution platform told on video.

[Kansas City, MO – May 23, 2019] — Earlier this year Midland Industries, in conjunction with Wynnchurch Capital, announced the rebranding of its industrial distribution platform. Today, the company released a video entitled, ‘Show the World’ which expands on the purpose and opportunities presented by the new brand.

The platform is comprised of Anderson Metals, Midland Metal Mfg., Buchanan Rubber, and Mid-America Fittings.  Midland Industries is a leading North American distributor and manufacturer of fittings, valves, hoses, couplings, and related products. The new family of companies is driven by customer needs and industry demands, with an emphasis on technology-driven solutions across all markets. With global and domestic manufacturing capabilities and an industry-leading e-commerce platform, Midland Industries is reinventing the entire category it serves.

 “We are building a dynamic, growth-oriented company by combining leading businesses in the industrial distribution space and leveraging best practices across the platform,” said Vince Hodes, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Industries. “This video captures the essence of the new brand and our vision for delivering world-class products and services to our customers.”

For more video stories visit our YouTube Channel.

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